Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Who knew whoopie pies could cause such a commotion.  Such lovely little treats...I suppose both Maine and Pennsylvania both want the credit for creating these gems.  Trust me, I have sampled both and am not about to jump into the fray saying one is better than the other.  What I do know is that everyone loves a whoopie pie.  Whether it is something fancy like gingerbread or red velvet (can't quite figure out the hype) or a classic chocolate and vanilla; everyone is winning, duh.

I have been tossing around the idea of starting a food blog for quite some time.  I love reading people's recipes, seeing the creative things they have made and getting ideas for different culinary (generally baking) adventure.  I am going to give this a whirl to see how I can keep up with detailing my journey.

I am launching now for two very specific reasons, one, I am starting an online whoopie pie bakery.  I have been trying out combinations, inspired by classic recipes and have had some good luck modifying them to make them a bit more my own.   I also saw something today about a Bake Sale for Japan on Gluten Free Baking and Tomato Tart and I wanted to get involved. 

So, here I am, all involved and such and feeling so sad for this country and hoping that my offering helps in some way.

Please come back to visit and comment and I hope that this becomes something fun.


  1. Way to go Martha! This is going to be amazing!

  2. Martha, your whoopie pies are amazing and so are you! So happy that you're doing this.

  3. Hi - Good Luck! I've also just started a Food Blog, recipes, reviews etc and have emailed tomato tart about the Bake Sale - what an amazing idea! I've found the whole blog thing daunting, I'm not at all a writer, but I love reading food blogs, so I thought why not! Hope your bakery launch goes well, best of luck